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LIDSTM Technology : Dim the light

Obstruction lights on wind farms are necessary for the safety of pilots and travelers. When at maximum intensity, the lights facilitate navigation during the worst visibility conditions.

However, under clear skies, the lights can be too bright for the purpose they serve. Thanks to LIDSTM (Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution) Technology, light intensity can now be tailored to suit the surrounding visibility. And that’s good news for everyone. In the air, and on the ground.

  • Context

    The presence of obstruction lights on tall towers is necessary for the safety of both pilots and travelers. These lights are set to flash at 2000 cd (maximum intensity level) to provide pilots with guidance when navigating through the worst possible visibility conditions – all night, all year round.

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  • Solution

    LIDSTM Technology now provides a means of tailoring the intensity level of the lights on a wind farm based on the surrounding visibility. The purpose of the solution is to dim the lights under clear sky conditions. In fact, in good visibility (10 km of visibility or more), the intensity of the lights is reduced by 90 percent.

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  • Result / Impact

    Using the leading-edge Technology can help developers obtain a greater level of community acceptance for their projects. 

    Right now, at every wind farm, the lights are always at full intensity at dusk regardless of the visibility conditions.

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